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Photometric Data (IES) Files

Lithonia Lighting provides IESNA formatted photometric data to help lighting professionals select products and options that are most appropriate for their requirements. The files are used in applications like Visual, Photometric Viewer, Economic Viewer and other commercially available software. 

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Decorative Indoor & Outdoor : Indoor

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T8 Fluorescent Cabinet Light
T12 Fluorescent Cabinet Light
T5 Fluorescent Cabinet Light
Cirrus Linear
Litepuff Linear
Velegant Linear
Decorative End Wrap
Artisten Linear
Futra Linear
Inertia Flush
Sheffield Flush - Semi-Flush
Ferros Flush - Semi-Flush
Low-Profile Round
Saturn Flush - Semi-Flush
Low-Profile Square
Disk Flush
Zentro Mini-Pendant
Sheffield Pendant
Sheffield Sconce
Shoplight Contoured Reflector
Diamond Plate Shoplight
Cylinder Vanity
Wing Vanity
Narrow Band Vanity
Litepuff Vanity
Wide Band Vanity
Sheffield Vanity
Crenelle Flush
Grow Light
LED Versi Lite
LED Low Profile Square
Denon LED Flush Mount
Kamino LED Flush Mount
LED Saturn Flush-Semi-flush Mount
Vela LED Flush Mount
Crenelle LED Flush Mount
LED Litepuff
LED Closet Light
LED Shoplight
Castleberry LED Flush Mount
Glenridge LED Flush Mount
Bandon LED Flush Mount
LED Wrap
Pristine Flush - Semi-Flush
LED Globe
LED Mushroom
LED Saturn Linear
Autry LED Fabric Single Drum
Autry LED Fabric Double Drum
Autry LED Fabric Shaded Dome
Autry LED Fabric Drop Saucer
Autry LED Fabric Square
Autry LED Fabric Saucer
LED Cambridge Linear
LED Doko
LED Hildon
Bouldercrest LED Flush Mount
Traditional Square LED Vanity
Traditional Round LED Vanity
Bouldercrest LED Linear Flush Mount
Catenary LED Linear Flush Mount
Contemporary Cylinder LED Vanity
Contemporary Square LED Vanity
Cambridge Linear
UCLD Undercabinet
UCEL Undercabinet
SGLL Linear
RAZ Undercabinet
Crest LED Linear Flush Mount with Switchable White
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