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Specification Sheets

Lithonia provides complete specification sheets for all products, including product details, photometrics and ordering information. Spec sheets may be downloaded from this web site individually or grouped by product category as listed below.

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  8" CFL Vertical (Light Line)
File Name Description Family
8VF-BAFFLE-1-TRT-DTT.pdf 8" CFL Vertical Downlight with Baffle Reflectors, One Lamp 8VF Baffle
8VF-OPEN-1-TRT-DTT.pdf 8" CFL Vertical Downlight with Open Reflectors, One Lamp 8VF Open
8VF-WALLWASH-1-TRT-DTT.pdf 8" CFL Vertical Downlight with Wallwash Reflectors, One Lamp 8VF Wallwash
8VF-WETLENS-1-TRT-DTT.pdf 8" CFL Vertical Downlight with Wet Lens Reflectors, One Lamp 8VF Wet Lens
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