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Specification Sheets

Lithonia provides complete specification sheets for all products, including product details, photometrics and ordering information. Spec sheets may be downloaded from this web site individually or grouped by product category as listed below.

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Outdoor : Pole Brackets & Accessories

File Name Description Family
Pole-ACR.pdf Angle Iron Crossarm -Metal & Fiberglass Poles ACR
Pole-ACRCW.pdf Angle Iron Crossarm - Wood & Concrete Poles ACRCW
Pole-AMACE.pdf Elliptical Tube Arm - Metal, Fiberglass, Concrete & Wood Poles AMACE
Pole-AMAC-SMAC.pdf Cantilever Arm - Metal, Fiberglass & Concrete Poles AMAC-SMAC
Pole-AMACT-SMACT.pdf Truss Arm - Metal, Fiberglass & Concrete Poles AMACT-SMACT
Pole-AMAWGD-SMAWGD.pdf Double Guy Rod Arm - Wood Poles AMAWGD-SMAWGD
Pole-AMAWG-SMAWG.pdf Guy Rod Arm - Wood Poles AMAWG-SMAWG
Pole-AMAW-SMAW.pdf Cantilever Arm - Wood Poles AMAW-SMAW
Pole-AMAWT-SMAWT.pdf Truss Arm - Wood Poles AMAWT-SMAWT
Pole-AMAWUB-SMAWUB.pdf Braced Upsweep Arm - Wood Poles AMAWUB-SMAWUB
Pole-AMAWU-SMAWU.pdf Upsweep Arm - Wood Poles AMAWU-SMAWU
Pole-CR.pdf Tubular Crossarm - Steel Poles CR
Pole-FRWB.pdf Right Angle Arm - Buildings FRWB
Pole-FSAB.pdf Angle Bracket - Buildings FSAB
POLE-FSPB.pdf Right Angle Arm - Square Metal, Fiberglass & Concrete Poles FSPB
Pole-FWPB.pdf Cantilever Crossarm - Buildings FWPB
Pole-RCTMA-RCTMS.pdf Parallel Mount Arm - Metal, Fiberglass & Concrete Poles RCTMA-RCTMS
Pole-SMACB.pdf Band Mount Arm - Metal, Fiberglass &  Concrete Poles SMACB
Pole-SMACH.pdf Hub Upsweep Arm - Metal, Fiberglass & Concrete Poles SMACH
Pole-SMACS.pdf Spoke Arm - Metal, Fiberglass & Concrete Poles SMACS
Pole-SMACU.pdf Upsweep Arm - Metal, Fiberglass & Concrete Poles SMACU
Pole-SMAWA.pdf A-Frame Arm - Wood Poles SMAWA
Pole-SMAWL.pdf Cantilever Arm - Buildings SMAWL
Pole-SMAWLU.pdf Upsweep Arm - Buildings SMAWLU
Pole-SMAWRT.pdf Right Angle Tenon - Wood Poles SMAWRT
Pole-SMAWX.pdf Cantilever Crossarm - Wood Poles SMAWX
Pole-SPXCW.pdf Prewired Tubular Crossarm - Wood or Concrete Poles SPXCW
File Name Description Family
pole-bs.pdf Round Bullhorn — Steel & Concrete Poles BS
Pole-RBA.pdf Round Bullhorn - Aluminum Poles RBA
Pole-SBA.pdf Square Bullhorn - Square Aluminum Poles SBA
Pole-SBS.pdf Square Bullhorn - Steel & Concrete Poles SBS
Pole-SBT.pdf Bolt On Tenon - Square Steel Poles SBT
Pole-SMACBT.pdf Band Mount Bullhorn - Metal, Fiberglass & Concrete Poles SMACBT
SMACWT.PDF Wrap Bullhorn - Metal, Fiberglass & Concrete Poles SMACWT
Pole-SMAWSB.pdf Side Bullhorn - Wood Poles SMAWSB
File Name Description Family
pole-SMACST.pdf Side Tenon - Metal, Fiberglass & Concrete Poles SMACST
Pole-SMACTR.pdf Tenon Reducer - Metal, Fiberglass & Concrete Poles SMACTR
Pole-SMAWLT.pdf Tenon - Buildings SMAWLT
POLE-TXX-ASTXX.pdf Drill-Mount Tenon Slipfitter - Poles with Tenons Txx-ASTxx
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