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Specification Sheets

Lithonia provides complete specification sheets for all products, including product details, photometrics and ordering information. Spec sheets may be downloaded from this web site individually or grouped by product category as listed below.

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Decorative Indoor & Outdoor : Indoor

  Cabinet Lighting
File Name Description Family
raz.pdf Rayzer LED – Cabinet Light RAZ Undercabinet
12GU.pdf Cord-and-plug or direct-wire with snap on-off diffuser and tool-free lamp replacement T12 Fluorescent Cabinet Light
05GU.pdf Cord-and-plug or direct-wire with snap on-off diffuser and tool-free lamp replacement T5 Fluorescent Cabinet Light
UC8.PDF Direct wire with snap on-off diffuser and tool-free lamp replacement T8 Fluorescent Cabinet Light
UCEL.PDF UCEL Undercabinet
ucld.pdf LED Cabinet Light UCLD Undercabinet
File Name Description Family
FERC.pdf Ferros Chandelier Ferros Chandelier
  Linear Design
File Name Description Family
ARCKELL.PDF Linear Design T8 Fluorescent Arckell
ARTL.pdf Decorative scroll work cast end caps with an extruded white acrylic diffuser. Artisten Linear
FMLBML.PDF Boomerang Linear Flush Mount Boomerang LED Linear Flush Mount
FMLBDRL.PDF Bouldercrest Linear Flush Mount Bouldercrest LED Linear Flush Mount
CAML.PDF Solid wood frame accented with crown molding and dropped acrylic diffuser Cambridge Linear
FMLCCL.PDF Catenary Linear Flush Mount Catenary LED Linear Flush Mount
fmlccls.pdf Catenary LED with Switchable White Spec Sheet Catenary LED Linear Flush Mount with Switchable White
CIRL.pdf Contoured pearl-white acrylic diffuser Cirrus Linear
fmlcrsls.pdf Crest LED with Switchable White Spec Sheet Crest LED Linear Flush Mount with Switchable White
NEWD.pdf Indoor Decorative: Nickel End Wrap Linear Design Decorative End Wrap
DIPL.pdf Diamond Plate Linear Diamond Plate Linear
FUTD.pdf Modern brushed nickel end-caps hold a curved acrylic diffuser. Futra Linear
HERD.pdf Traditional style fixture in amber walnut or ebony rosewood finish with a white acrylic diffuser Heritage
FMFL-LED-CAMBRIDGE_PDF.PDF Spec Sheet FMFL Linear Cambridge LED Cambridge Linear
FMLL.PDF LED Litepuff Linear Low-profile Flush Mount LED Litepuff
FMLL_14IN.PDF LED Wide Body Litepuff Linear Low-profile Flushmount LED Litepuff
FMFL LED VANDERLYN.PDF Linear Flush Mount LED Vanderlyn Linear
FMLLBHL.PDF Lindbergh Linear Flush Mount Lindbergh LED Linear Flush Mount
PUFL.pdf Popular acrylic diffuser Litepuff Linear
NEWU.pdf Narrow Wrap Narrow Wrap
FMLRETL.PDF Retro Linear Flush Mount Retro LED Linear Flush Mount
RIWL.pdf Riser Linear Riser
sgll.pdf Garage Light SGLL Linear
LBRE.pdf Traditional Wraparound Traditional Wrap
VELL.pdf Sleek modern lines with white faux marble accents Velegant Linear
XWLED4.PDF 4' Slim LED Wet Light XWLED
  Flush - Semi-Flush
File Name Description Family
ADSF.pdf Adari Semi-Flush Adari Semi-Flush
ARTF.PDF Artisten Flush Spec Sheet Artisten Flush
DFMADDL-FMPANL.PDF Double Drum Specification Sheet Autry LED Fabric Double Drum
DFMADSL-FMPANL.PDF Autry LED Fabric Drop Saucer
DFMASDL-FMPANL.PDF Autry LED Fabric Shaded Dome
DFMADRL-FMPANL.PDF Autry LED Fabric Single Drum
FMBANL.PDF Bandon LED Flush Mount Bandon LED Flush Mount
BARF.pdf Exposed lamp(s) for maximum light output - can be wall-mounted Bare Lamp Circline
FMBDRL.PDF Bouldercrest LED Flush Mount
FMCSTL.PDF Castleberry LED Flush Mount Castleberry LED Flush Mount
CREN.pdf Crenelle Flush Mount Crenelle Flush
FMCRNL.PDF Crenelle LED Flush Mount Crenelle Flush
FMCRNL-FMSCNL.PDF Crenelle LED Flush Mount Crenelle LED Flush Mount
DECF.pdf Indoor Decorative: Décor Round Flush Mounting Decor Round
FMDDHL.PDF Denon LED Flush Mount Denon LED Flush Mount
DISF.pdf Glass diffuser with silk screen, clear glass edge Disk Flush
ELPF.pdf The Elliptis family is designed around an ellptical shaped glass Elliptis Flush
ELSF.pdf The Elliptis family is designed around an elliptical shaped glass featured prominently in the chandelier, sconce and vanities. Elliptis Semi-Flush
FERF.pdf Hand-dipped, tea-stained or acid-etched opal glass diffuser Ferros Flush - Semi-Flush
FMGRGL.PDF Glenridge LED Flush Mount Glenridge LED Flush Mount
GLOF.pdf Etched white glass diffuser with housing Globe
INEF.pdf Inertia Flush Inertia Flush
FMKMRL-FMKMSL.PDF Kamino LED Flush Mount Kamino LED Flush Mount
FMLACL.PDF Lacuna LED Flush Mount Lacuna LED Flush Mount
FMMCL.PDF LED Closet Light LED Closet Light
FMDECL.PDF Essential LED Flush Mount LED Decor Round
FMGLOL.PDF Essential LED Flush Mount LED Globe
FMHLDL.PDF Residential LED Flush Mount LED Hildon
FMLRL.PDF LED Low Profile Round Flush Mount LED Low Profile Round
FMLSL.PDF LED Low Profile Square Flush Mount LED Low Profile Square
FMMUSL.PDF Essential LED Flush Mount LED Mushroom
FMSATL.PDF LED Saturn Flush Semi-flush LED Saturn Flush-Semi-flush Mount
FMML.pdf Versi Lite Flush Spec Sheet LED Versi Lite
LORF.pdf Low-Profile Round ceiling or wall mount Low-Profile Round
LOSF.pdf Square stay-white acrylic diffuser - can be wall-mounted Low-Profile Square
MLOF.pdf Meloe Flush Meloe Flush
MUSF.pdf Molded white glass diffuser with housing - can be wall-mounted Mushroom
PRSF.PDF Pristine Flush - Semi-Flush PVS SERIES Pristine Flush - Semi-Flush
SATF.pdf Saturn Flush - Semi-Flush Saturn Flush - Semi-Flush
SHFF.pdf Sheffield Flush Spec Sheet Sheffield Flush
SHEF.pdf Indoor Decorative: Sheffield Flush/Semi-Flush Mounting Sheffield Flush - Semi-Flush
SILV.PDF Silva Flush Silva Flush
FMDCGL.PDF Sunbriar Sunbriar
FMVELL.PDF Vela LED Flush Mount Vela
VELA.pdf Vela Flush Mount Vela
FMVELL.PDF Vela LED Flush Mount Vela LED Flush Mount
File Name Description Family
FERM.pdf Ferros Mini-Pendant Ferros Mini-Pendant
mdp.pdf LED Mini-Pendant Fitters with Mix-and-Match Shades MDP
ZENM.pdf Zentro Mini-Pendant Zentro Mini-Pendant
File Name Description Family
FERP.pdf Hand-dipped, tea-stained or acid-etched opal glass shades Ferros Pendant
SHEP.pdf Distinctive traditional style fixture with black bronze finished housing Sheffield Pendant
File Name Description Family
FMABFL-FMABSL.PDF LED Flush Mount and Sconce Aberdale
DLSD10.pdf Box (boxed) DLSD10
DLSD11.pdf Shield DLSD11
DLSD12.pdf Small Ruffle 1/2 Ruffle DLSD12
DLSD13 DLSD14 DLSD15.pdf 1/4 sphere with laminated fabric DLSD13 DLSD14 DLSD15
DLSD16.pdf Small 1/2 cylinder with frame DLSD16
DLSD17.pdf Small 1/2 cylinder with prongs DLSD17
DSLD2.PDF Modern Chinese lantern DLSD2
DLSD3.pdf Contemporary Torch DLSD3
DSLD4.PDF Suspended panel DLSD4
DLSD5.pdf Double cantilevered diffuser DLSD5
DLSD6.pdf Scroll shaped DLSD6
DLSD7 DLSD8 DLSD9.pdf 1/2 cylinder with prongs DLSD7 DLSD8 DLSD9
FERS.pdf Ferros Sconce Spec Sheet Ferros Sconce
HRAS.pdf Half-round faux alabaster diffuser, brass trim Half-round Deco Sconce
LIHR.pdf Linon Half Round Sconce Linon Half Round Sconce
PUFS.pdf Soft rounded, white acrylic diffuser Litepuff Sconce
mws.pdf LED Mini-Sconce Fitters with Mix-and-Match Shades MWS
mdp_pdf.pdf Spec Sheets MWS
SHES.pdf Satin-etched, swirled, white glass shade - mounting up or down Sheffield Sconce
SWBLED.pdf High-Performance LED Wall Sconce Backplate SWBLED
File Name Description Family
ZAWS.pdf All Season Shoplight All Season Shoplight
75BL.pdf Black Steel Worklight Black Steel Worklight
CLGU.pdf Closet Light Spec Sheet Closet Light
DPWL.pdf Diamond Plate Shoplight Diamond Plate Shoplight
40GU.pdf Complements a workshop's popular diamond plate storage cabinets. Diamond Plate Shoplight Wall Mounted
dpsl.pdf LED Linkable Diamond Plate Shoplight DPSL Shoplight
GRW.pdf Grow light Grow Light
grwl.pdf LED Grow Light GRWL Linear
opns.pdf LED Open Sign LED Open Sign
shlp led shoplight.pdf LED Shoplight SHLP Linear
45GU.PDF Shoplight Contoured Reflector
33GU.PDF Shoplight Narrow Reflector
MNS_T5_T8.PDF Mini-strip T5 Mini Strip - 1 lamp
MNS_T5_T8.PDF Mini-strip T5 Mini Strip - 2 lamp
MNS_T5_T8.PDF Mini-strip T8 Mini Strip - 1 lamp
MNS_T5_T8.PDF Mini-strip T8 Mini Strip - 2 lamp
File Name Description Family
fmvccl.pdf Contemporary Cylinder Vanity Contemporary Cylinder LED Vanity
FMVCSL.PDF Square Vanity Contemporary Square LED Vanity
CONV.pdf Square acrylic diffuser Contemporary Vanity
CYLV.pdf Cylindrical matte-white acrylic diffuser Cylinder Vanity
ferv.pdf Ferros Vanity Ferros Vanity
PUFV.pdf Simple, molded acrylic diffuser Litepuff Vanity
NABV.pdf Faux marble ends with contoured acrylic diffuser Narrow Band Vanity
SHEV.pdf Elegant satin-etched, swirled white glass shades Sheffield Vanity
FMVTRL.PDF Spec Sheet for FMVTRL Traditional Round LED Vanity
FMVTSL.PDF Traditional Square Vanity LED Traditional Square LED Vanity
WIBV.pdf Soft contour and decorative end caps Wide Band Vanity
WINV.pdf Curved, etched-glass diffuser Wing Vanity
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