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Specification Sheets

Lithonia provides complete specification sheets for all products, including product details, photometrics and ordering information. Spec sheets may be downloaded from this web site individually or grouped by product category as listed below.

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Outdoor : Poles

File Name Description Family
Pole-RSA.pdf Round Straight Aluminum RSA
Pole-RSA-3RSA.pdf Round Straight Aluminum RSA
Pole-RSAH.pdf Round Straight Aluminum Hinged RSAH
RSALP-FLA.pdf (FL wind calcs) Round straight aluminum pole with low-profile base cover RSALP
POLE-RSALP.PDF Round Straight Aluminum Pole with Low-Profile Base Cover RSALP
RSAO.pdf Round Straight Aluminum Pole with OMERO Decorative Base Cover RSAO
RSAO-FLA.pdf (FL wind calcs) Round straight aluminum pole with OMERO™ decorative base cover RSAO
Pole-RTA-3RTA.pdf Round Tapered Aluminum RTA
Pole-RTA-FLA.pdf Florida ratings RTA
Pole-RTAFP.pdf Flag Pole RTAFP
POLE-RTAH.PDF Round Tapered Aluminum Hinged Poles RTAH
POLE-RTAU.PDF Round Tapered Aluminum Poles with Single or Twin Mounting Arms RTAU
Pole-SSA-FLA.pdf (FL wind calcs) Square Straight Aluminum SSA
Pole-SSA.pdf Square Straight Aluminum Pole SSA
Pole-SSAH.pdf Square Straight Aluminum Hinged SSAH
SSCA.pdf Square Straight Cruciform Aluminum SSCA
File Name Description Family
Pole-SPRTC.pdf Round Tapered Concrete Sportslighting SPRTC
Pole-STC.pdf Square Tapered Concrete STC
File Name Description Family
Pole-RTF.pdf Round Tapered Fiberglass RTF
Pole-RTFDB.pdf Round Tapered Fiberglass, direct burial RTFDB
Pole-SSF.pdf Square Straight Fiberglass SSF
File Name Description Family
Pole-RSS.pdf Round Straight Steel RSS
pole-rts.pdf Round Tapered Steel RTS
pole-rts-fla.pdf (FL wind calcs) Round Tapered Steel RTS
pole-rtsu.pdf Round Tapered Steel Poles with Single or Twin Mounting Arms RTSU
POLE-SPRTS.PDF Round Tapered Steel Sportslighting SPRTS
pole-sss.pdf Square Straight Steel Pole SSS
pole-sssdb.pdf Square Straight Steel Direct Burial SSS
Pole-STS.pdf Square Tapered Steel Pole STS
Pole-STSH.pdf Square Tapered Steel Hinged STSH
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