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Specification Sheets

Lithonia provides complete specification sheets for all products, including product details, photometrics and ordering information. Spec sheets may be downloaded from this web site individually or grouped by product category as listed below.

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Outdoor : Wall Mounted

File Name Description Family
asw1-cf.pdf Architectural Building-Mounted, 26-70CFL ASW
asw2-m-s.pdf Architectural Building-Mounted, 200-400M, 200-400S ASW
asw1-m-s.pdf Architectural Building-Mounted, 70-175M, 70-150S ASW
asw1-led.pdf Architectural wall mount, LED Spec Sheet ASW1-LED
CSXW-LED.pdf LED Building Mounted Luminaire CSXW-LED
MRW-M-S.pdf Architectural Building-Mounted, Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium MRW
MRW-CF.pdf Architectural Building-Mounted, Compact Fluorescent MRW
mrw-led.pdf MRW LED Wall Mount Luminaire MRW-LED
WSQ-CF.pdf Decorative Quarter-Sphere Wall-Mounted, Compact Fluorescent WSQ
WSQ-M-S.pdf Decorative Quarter-Sphere Wall-Mounted, Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium WSQ
wsq-led.pdf WSQ LED Wall Mount Luminaire WSQ-LED
WSR-M-S.pdf Decorative Half-Round Wall-Mounted, 50-175W MH, 35-150W HPS WSR
WSR-CF.pdf Decorative Half-Round Wall-Mounted, Compact Fluorescent WSR
wsr-led.pdf WSR LED Wall Mount Luminaire WSR-LED
WST-CF.pdf WST Compact Fluorescent WST
WST-M-S.pdf WST HID Spec Sheet WST
wst-led.pdf WST LED Wall Mount Luminaire WST-LED
  General Purpose
File Name Description Family
ovfl_2rh.pdf LED security floodlight OVFL 2RH Floodlight
ovwp led.pdf Wall Sconce OVWP Sconce
owpc.pdf OWPC 70W Metal Halide Wall Pack Cube OWPC
TWA-M-S.pdf Mini wall-pack, 50-100W MH, 35-100W HPS TWA
TWA-CF.pdf Mini wall-pack, 22-28DTT, 32-42TRT TWA
TWAC-CF.pdf Cutoff mini wall-pack, 22-28DTT, 32-42TRT TWAC
TWAC-M-S.pdf Cutoff mini wall-pack, 50-100W MH, 35-100W HPS TWAC
TWF1-M-S.pdf Wall-mounted luminaire, 70-200W MH and 70-150W HPS TWF
TWF1-CF.pdf Wall-mounted luminaire, 26-70W DTT and TRT TWF
TWF2-M-S.pdf Wall-mounted luminaire, 250-400W MH and 200-400W HPS TWF
TWH-CF.pdf Glass Refractor Wall-Pack, Compact Fluorescent TWH
TWH-M-S-L.pdf Glass Refractor Wall-Pack TWH
twp-m-s-l.pdf Polycarbonate Refractor Wall-Pack Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium, Low Pressure Sodium TWP
twp-cf.pdf Polycarbonate Refractor Wall-Pack, Compact Fluorescent TWP
TWR2-M-S.pdf Glass refractor wall pack, size 2, 250-400W MH, 250-400W HPS TWR
TWS-M-S.PDF Small Polycarbonate Wall Pack, 35-70W HPS, 50W MH TWS
TWS-CF.PDF Small Polycarbonate Wall Pack, Compact Fluorescent TWS
utility vapor tights.pdf Contractor Select Stock - Outdoor Utility Vapor Tights
File Name Description Family
KL-M-S-I.pdf Recessed Low-Mount Floods, MH, HPS and I KL
  LED Wall Mounted
File Name Description Family
dsxw1.pdf D-Series Wall, Size 1, LED Building-mounted Luminaire D-Series Wall Size 1
DSXW2.pdf D-Series Wall, Size 2, LED Building-mounted Luminaire D-Series Wall Size 2
kaxw-led.pdf LED Wall Luminaire KAXW Wallpack
lil led.pdf LIL LED Wall Pack LIL LED Wall Pack
olaw23.pdf LED Area / Wall Light OLAW
olcs.pdf Outdoor LED Cast Sconce OLCS
OLW.pdf OLW LED wall pack OLW
olwx1 led.pdf OLWX1 LED Wall Luminaire OLWX1
olwx2 led.pdf LED Wall Luminaire OLWX2
twh led classic.pdf LED Wall Luminaire TWH LED
twh led 2018 upgrade.pdf TWH LED 2018 Upgrade TWH LED
twp led 2018 upgraded.pdf LED Wall Luminaire TWP LED
twp led classic.pdf LED Building Mounted Luminaire TWP LED
twr1 led.pdf TWR1 LED wall pack spec sheet TWR LED
twr2 led.pdf TWR2 LED wall pack spec sheet TWR LED
TWS LED.pdf TWS LED spec sheet TWS LED
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